We Take a Look at the Benefits of Glass Table Tops

Every furniture piece is an investment in your residential living space or commercial business. Trying to keep furniture in great shape is an important task to maintain the long-term value of furnishing pieces.

In homes, tables are a place to gather and enjoy time spent with family and friends for dinners and celebrations and are equally liable to wear and tear. In restaurants and offices, tables are an essential place to conduct work or seat guests and are also susceptible to gradual wear and tear.

Perpetual use of tables can gradually deteriorate wooden table top surfaces resulting in unsightly scratches, food stains, liquid rings from drinks, wood varnish discolouration and so forth showing up on the table surface. Tables stored outdoors are particularly susceptible to collecting dirt and dust on table surfaces.

A practical solution is to use a glass table top protector which can be custom cut-to-size to fit the shape of your glass table top. Perfect for wood furniture preservation, such as for sideboard buffets as well as dining tables.

In addition, glass table tops are a great set it and forget it long-term solution that makes it comparably more convenient and classy than standard table cloths. So you can continue to admire the natural appearance of your table beneath.

There are a few reasons which make a glass table top protector so practical.

What are the Benefits of Glass Table Tops?

Displays the Natural Surface of the Table Underneath

A great feature of the glass table top is the transparent quality of the glass. This enables uninterrupted appreciation of the beautiful table underneath. In addition, the glass serves to protect the table beneath from costly damage to its natural surface.

Greater Resiliency to Wear and Tear

Natural wood table top surfaces are less resilient to wear and tear compared with the glass table top. Natural surfaces may mark up more easily showing stains, water rings, varnish discolouration and other damage.

On the other hand, glass table top surfaces are flatter and smoother and are more resilient to food and liquid spills, making them more durable.

A Permanent Solution to Protect the Table Top

You won’t have to worry about periodically replacing or regularly fixing in place plastic or cloth table protectors, which means that long-term you can save on your washing machine bill.

With the glass table top all you’ll need is a damp cloth to clean the surface of your table top after a meal or after dust has gathered on the surface of the glass.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Glass table tops have no real maintenance requirements other than being wiped from time to time or after a meal.

Two very simple and popular liquid solutions for glass table tops include using mild soapy water or creating a vinegar and bicarbonate soda mixture.

There are also many glass cleaning products available on the market to achieve a glossy, streak-free shine. Although waxes in store bought cleaners may leave behind a residue on the glass surface. For helpful tips and tricks on cleaning glass checkout our article, “The Ultimate Guide on Cleaning Glass Surfaces: Get Streak Free Glass“.

Remember to always refer to manufacturer instructions on cleaning and maintaining glass surfaces. Some glass surfaces may contain a protective film with special care requirements.


A glass table top protector is a great buy to protect the wood table surface without hiding the natural table top.

Where wood is easily damaged and might become marked by store bought cleaners, glass table tops are tough and have a smooth easy to wipe surface that is more resilient to food and liquid spills.

Another great advantage is that you can just set it and forget it with no need to regularly replace fabric or plastic table tops.

If you are in search of a custom glass table top protector in Sydney, click here to find out more information or get in contact with us today!

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