Frameless Shower Enclosures are Featured in Many Property Renovations and New Developments. We Identify Four Top Qualities of Frameless Enclosures.

Frameless shower screens have become increasingly popular in new luxury property developments and contemporary bathroom renovation projects across the world.

Adding decor and amenities to complement, frameless shower screens have been adapted to many different contemporary styles to create relevant, fresh and original living spaces.

Bringing together a sense of timeless sophistication and modern appeal, frameless shower enclosures add functional value to the bathroom space.

What are the Features of Frameless Shower Screens

#1 Integrate with trends and create intriguing designs

Using quality hardware components to support and fixate shower glass replaces the need to use traditional full aluminium framing.

Reducing the visibility of metal components and optimising the transparent nature of shower glass provides not only a different design option but also opens up new possibilities for interior design.

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#2 Creating free flowing spaces

The desire to create open spaces has been gaining traction. This has seen a shift in architectural designs and furniture placement that encourages open plan living.

Likewise, frameless shower glass offers greater optical transparency and this optimises the organic flow of light while reducing physically visible barriers to the appearance of space.

#3 No outstretched edges or ridges

Another benefit of frameless shower screens is that many find it simpler to clean. Fully framed shower screens, by comparison, contain outstretched edges and ridges which can make removing soap and scum build-up more tricky.

#4 Design excellence and durability

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Frameless shower screens offer durability and design excellence while serving as a barrier to shield shower water from spraying across other bathroom surfaces or amenities. By contrast, shower screen curtains may be less flattering and less durable.

At All Districts Glass we fabricate made to measure frameless shower screens in Sydney, Australia. Our shower screens are made from Australian standard safety glass and are prepared for both commercial and residential projects.

Looking to renovate or build in Sydney? Get started today and learn more about our frameless shower screens.


Frameless shower screens utilise high quality minimally intrusive hardware to give greater attention to the seamless beauty of the shower glass.

Ultra contemporary and perfect for open plan living and helping to optimise the sense of space, frameless shower screens deliver on design excellence.

Moreover, many find these systems easier to clean than traditional fully framed shower screens, which accumulate soap and scum build-up in the edges and ridges of aluminium.

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