The Rise of Matt Black

Matt black finishes are still in demand and they’ve been rocking the internet with their fun versatility.

The development of the new paint technology has enabled matt black to work across a variety of surfaces, spurring new design innovation within many sectors like cosmetic and mobile industries.

The trend was spotted popping up in bathroom hardware in 2013 and began taking the limelight by 2014. Since that time matt black hardware has garnered steady favour within bathroom design today.

Matt Black Emerges as the New Black

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It’s hard to say just how and why matt black finishes began gaining such significant market traction in realm of home design.

Could it be that fashion houses, or in this case, elite homes with high influence, took to the finish before alluring international attention and favour from mainstream markets?

Could it be the desire to see something other than glossy and low sheen finishes that sparked a keen interest in the matt finish?

Seeing the completely different texture accentuated by the soft reflection and movement of light across the metal surface is striking and wins instant appraisal among many.

Matt Black v. High Gloss

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Matt black has been appreciated for its projection of soft light and its modern charcoal like appearance, in contrast to the bold appearance of light found on glossy surfaces.

Another perk is that a more matt and flat surface is less likely to show imperfections relative to high gloss surface finishes.

The Versatility of Matt Black in Contemporary Design

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It was impossible to predict just how widely adopted the trend would become or how long it would stay on-trend. In particular, how popular it would be in the bathroom market space, but it has proven to be a hit.

Today matt black finishes are among the most popular bathroom finishes alongside well love chrome and brass finishes.

It’s hard to miss the texture of high quality matt hardware accenting the background colour palette and contrasting textures in the room and tying together the final look.

Matt black seems to work well with different textures like woodgrain and stone as well as classic shades of navy, white and neutral, which have also been on-trend.

In particular, matt black contrasts well against soft whites, creams and neutrals and is also considered to go well when balanced against glossy surfaces.

We have also seen the use of matt black accents in bathroom spaces gaining significant popularity through social media platforms, notably Instagram and Pinterest, as well as online articles, vlogs, blogs and TV shows.

This preference may also be due to the highly photographable nature of matt finishes since less reflective surfaces may appear better on camera than highly reflective surfaces.

This is because shiny metals may reflect light that is emitted by the flash, causing specular highlights. A specular highlight is the illumination of light on a shiny object.


Matt black hardware accents in bathroom spaces have recently emerged in the last decade and have quickly grown in popularity.

Matt black softly reflects light, creating a dreamy charcoal aesthetic that is on-trend and pairs well against stone and woodgrain textures as well as navy, neutral, white or near white shades.

It is not impacted by specular highlights the same way glossy surfaces may be affected due to the near absence of reflection. This may be preferential on an individual level and in a substantially photo driven digital world.

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