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Are you considering splashback glass to protect your kitchen wall surfaces from food remnants and liquid spills like cooking juices, fats and oils? Splashback glass is a superb easy clean alternative to tile and grout.  Praised for its beautiful colour display, smooth surface and glossy shine which create a clean modern look.

We provide quality toughened glass splashbacks which are treated through a heating and cooling process to strengthen the glass properties and provide increased durability and resistance to heat damage, making it perfect behind cooktops. The characteristics and quality of our splashback glass results in the glass upholding its beautiful like-new appearance for years to come! Toughened glass splashbacks are one of the most stylish options in the splashback market today.

Kitchen Glass Splashback


Kitchen Glass Splashback


There are a variety of material options on the market to protect kitchen walls from liquid splashes. However, splashback glass stands out with its superior performance thanks to advanced glass and colour baking techniques.  Splashback glass is tough and features a smooth and glossy finish for easy clean protection against food splashes.  Adding a clean and classy touch to your kitchen’s interior design that is high quality too!  At All Districts Glass we only use the best quality splashback glass.  Our splashback glass is made of toughened safety glass that is compliant with Australian Standards.  So your high quality splashback will be strong and durable for many years to come and won’t mark or fade.  


Splashback is a great way to access a full colour palette with so many colours to choose from! If you’re not too sure which colour to go with then going colourless with a monochrome palette which includes black, white and grey shades will offer versatility with other hues introduced on kitchen decor and cabinetry.  Alternatively, colours can be selected to work together with design elements in a room to compliment a particular atmosphere, a unique style or a contemporary trend.  For instance, if you’re looking for a dramatic contrast this can be achieved with darker colours, while strong shades of red and blue can be incorporated into an office kitchen to embrace a corporate appeal.  


Splashback glass is not only a great source of colour within your kitchen but it’s also tremendously practical.  If you’ve ever had the experience of food remnants or liquids smearing into grout you know just how time consuming and difficult this can be to clean and to keep clean.  That’s why splashback glass is so fantastic!  It makes it easy to wipe away splattered food and liquid marks so you’ll have more time and effort to enjoy other activities.  Thanks to its smooth glossy characteristics, splashback glass provides the ultimate cleaning surface. This makes splashback glass a great alternative to traditional grout and tiles. 


Splashback glass is often applied across kitchen walls or within certain sections of the kitchen such as behind cooktops and sinks.  The possible applications of splashback glass, however, are not limited to the kitchen space.  Splashback glass is incorporated on surfaces in commercial and residential settings to serve a variety of purposes.  For instance, around bathroom sinks and in showers or on cabintry and commercial desks. Splashback glass is suitable for application to most surfaces which are level and which have a reasonable texture for adhesion including gyprock, tiles, fibre board and concrete. By contrast, splashback glass won’t sit plush against wall surfaces that are wavy or uneven.


Colour Options

Are you in need of glass splashback in a particular colour?  At All Districts Glass your glass splashback colour choices are endless!  Simply select a paint colour from your local Bunnings and your splashback colour will be applied based on your selection!  So whether you’re looking for a specific colour to match cabinetry or to achieve a distinctive vibe you’ll have access to colours ranging from netural tones through to a more vivid colour palette.  

Kitchen Glass Splashback

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