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All Districts Glass 24 years

Framework Colours

Several colour options available

Glass Thickness

Custom glass thicknesses available by special request

Glass Shelving

On-trend floating glass shelves available to support toiletries

Full Frame Shower Screens

The full frame shower enclosure can be customised to complement and transform a tired bathroom space.  The full frame enclosure is the most cost convenient method of shower screen fabrication since the glass does not require polishing or extra thickness and the aluminium framing is more affordable than solid brass hardware required to support frameless shower screens

Shower Glass Panels for Baths

Some bath tubs may be fitted with a shower head and glass panels to contain water dispersion while showering and to provide the dual bathtub and shower feature in a smaller space.  The panels are available in styles of up to four panels.

Front and Return Panel (L-Shape)

The L-Shape or 90° (degree) angle shower screen is installed opposite a corner wall with a return panel and a frontal sliding or hinged door which better contains water within the parameter of the shower enclosure.

Neo Angle (Diamond Shape or Splay)

The stunning diamond shower enclosure is a popular and trendy alternative to other more basic layouts and is better suited to larger bathrooms.  This style incorporates a hinged door and is reduced from square form while elongated to provide more floor space for showering.

Wall to Wall

Our wall to wall shower screens are fitted between opposite walls with either sliding or hinged door access. With generous floor space this shower design can be fitted with dual showering fixtures and/or styled with decor to create a spa-like retreat at home.

Quick Installation Tips

While we always recommend that an experienced professional take care of your specific requirements, here are some important tips if you are attempting a DIY shower screen installation.

Bathroom configuration and space, as well as the plumbness of surfaces, are some important factors and may limit the suitability of certain shower screens.

Are you thinking about a hinged door opening? Measuring available area outside the shower screen is essential to ensure sufficient room is available for the shower door to pivot out. When pivoting door space is limited the sliding door offers a space efficient solution.

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