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Complete your exciting new bathroom look with an exquisite shower enclosure from our range of high quality made to measure shower screens. We offer a selection of shower screen framing and hardware colours, so you can style your custom shower screen with your overall bathroom finish.

Specialising in bespoke solutions, we offer something for everyone, whether you’re a minimalist looking for a low profile option or you feel that bold framing will really complete your shower screen look. Whatever the specifications or layout shape you require we offer customisable frameless, semi-frameless and full framed shower screens. 

Premium Modern Frameless Shower Screens

Combining unobtrusive fixtures with exposed polished edges, the frameless shower screen is characterised by subtle understated elegance and ultra-contemporary luxury.

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Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

Minimal Framing

The semi-frameless shower screen provides the perfect compromise between frameless and full frame styles, featuring deluxe framework which is elegantly fitted around glass edging and vertices. 

Full Framed Shower Screens

Bold Edging

Make a statement with a full aluminium frame for your shower screen glass.  

Evolving Trends

With technology improvements across the last decade we have seen bathroom and en suite inspiration drawn from boutique homes and hotels all across the world.  This has seen an evolution in the design of bathroom spaces, namely changes that evoke emotion, from tranquil and relaxing colour schemes to more moody and edgy trends.  Bathrooms have received distinctive character through decor and furnishing pieces and are increasingly conceptualised as design forward ‘living spaces’.  We recommend pininterest as a great place to source your ideas and to get inspired.

What’s more is that housing prices have seen some individuals, couples and families downsize.  So if you are looking at renovating a small space then a beautiful shower screen can serve as an interactive focal point in the bathroom.  Moreover, apartment living has also contributed toward a growing interest in clever spaces and the intent to make the most of light.  A prime example is the frameless single and double panel open access shower options with transparent glass providing a great way to optimise the appearance of uninterrupted light using minimal framing.  So get in contact with us today to discuss your shower screen needs and we’ll help with the options.

Tips on Measuring your Shower Enclosure

If you are installing your own shower screen it is important to think about where the shower screen will be installed in your bathroom and to measure the plumbness of the relevant floor and wall surfaces.  The plumbness of shower surfaces may directly impact the suitability of certain shower screen styles.  Therefore, where walls or floors are not sufficiently level some structural framing for shower glass may be necessary.  Semi-frameless showers provide minimal structural framing for glass while full frame showers provide framing around all panel and glass door edges.  Therefore a semi-frameless or full frame shower screen may be a more viable option in these situations. 

When you’ve found where you want the shower screen to go in your bathroom you’ll want to think about a number of options for your shower screen including: 

Options include corner, wall to wall and neo-angle shapes as well as open panel shower screens and bath screens.

While we offer sliding and pivoting shower doors we recommend measuring the area outside the shower screen first.  If space is limited for the door to open out then a sliding door is a great alternative.

We offer custom glass thicknesses.  Standard thicknesses include 4mm, 6mm and 8mm.  However, we also offer thicker glass which provides a greater sense of luxury.  All our shower screen glass is made with safety glass which if broken shatters into small droplet like pieces of glass rather than shattering into razor sharp glass shards.  Ultimately, these glass characteristics help to prevent harm.

We offer a range of standard hardware and frame colours so get in touch to discuss the options.

If the area you are measuring is an area between walls then be sure to take measurements between the top, middle and bottom sections of the wall to wall area and work with the greatest width.  Furthermore, when it comes to wall to wall areas adjustable shower screens may help make the job a little easier.  Nonetheless, installing a shower screen can be a tricky job to get right therefore we always recommend an expert to prevent costly mistakes.

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