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Are you looking to increase your home security to help keep your property protected?  We understand the importance of home security and protecting entry points against intrusion. So here at All Districts Glass we make security windows and doors to help keep you and your loved ones safe.  Our security windows feature an interlocking pattern that is powder-coated with an anti-corrosive colour to create a product that will look beautiful on the exterior of your home while serving as a practical home security measure.  We also produce custom sizes for our security windows and doors so we can help with those hard to fit areas.  So if you’re looking to increase your home security while maintaining air-flow and your outside view then be sure to get in touch with one of our representatives today for a custom fit security solution!

Security Screen Window / Door

Security Screen Door Systems

Our security screen doors are made from highly robust materials that are rust and weather proof to ensure durability and are normally requested for manufacture with a builtin fly screen barrier to repel insects and pests.  However, if security isn’t a big concern for you and you’re primarily looking for a solution to repel insects while enjoying the free flow of fresh air in the room then check out our standard fly screen doors here.

Security Screen Window / Door

Security Window Systems

Windows are a prime access point for intruders so adding a strong barrier to glass windows will help secure your home. The security window is popular with an inbuilt fly screen to help keep away flies, mosquitoes, spiders, Christmas beetles and other flying and crawling insects.  Alternatively, we also offer bespoke security screens without the inbuilt fly screen. If you’re only needing fly screens without any security window feature, you can find out more about these here.

Keep insects away and enjoy the cool breeze!


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