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At All Districts Glass we specialise in made to measure glass solutions including the provision of glass partitioning systems for commercial building spaces. Get in contact with us today to discuss a custom solution for your commercial space.

Glass partition systems have been a sought after building and business investment, increasing functionality within commercial and municipal buildings. Glass partition systems have been employed to enable additional possibilities and coordinate various activities. Representing the utility of glass partitions and the improved utilisation of space, meeting rooms can be separated from offices, kitchens and neighbouring co-working spaces. Thus ultimately transforming an open shared space to meet the unique requirements of the business.

Add New Coworking Space to Your Floor Plan

Glass partition systems are designed to provide sectioned areas or to created enclosed rooms, adding corporate sophistication to the office and providing the convenience of reduced noise and workspaces that are separated from otherwise crowded and chaotic work environments. Helping to improve workplace ergonomics with less interruption and distraction and fostering a healthier quality of work life for optimal productivity.

Essentially, optimising process efficiencies is integral to the effectiveness of an organisation. Within office environments workers spend most of their time engaged at their workstation while completing tasks.  Therefore noisy and crowded cubicle environments can be less productive and may reduce team morale and the collective competitiveness of the organisation or business.  Thus, an investment in the office workspace is an investment in the overall office environment that will help boost team morale

What are Glass Partition Systems

Glass partitions are vertical structures established over open floor spaces that serve the function of dividing spaces into separate parts.

Application of Partition Systems

Partitions are employed to serve differential purposes. The value created by the partition system is dependent on the unique needs of the business.

Are you looking to divide your office area into smaller sections?  Office partitions can be used to divide rooms or to create multiple rooms such as boardrooms, playrooms for kids, offices, lounge areas or seating areas, showrooms, lunchrooms and much more!  Here at All Districts Glass, we are professionals when it comes to glass office partitioning.

01. Shade and Light

Clear glass partitions offer the added benefit of allowing natural light to pass through glass into other spaces within a building.  Alternatively, darker glass colours can be used to provide increased privacy.

04. Privacy

Glass partitions can help create a sense of designated space, whereby files and other items can be stored for a particular individual and a door lock can be installed.

02. Function

Divide spaces into separate rooms such as boardrooms, lounge areas, private offices, co-working spaces, seating or waiting areas, showrooms, lunchrooms, playrooms for kids, offices and more.

05. Organisation

Planning and structuring organised departments can assist visitors to navigate through a building.


Choose from a variety of glass and frame colours to suit the interior design of your workspace and to create stylish and modern work areas that drive morale. Moreover, frameless, semi framed and fully framed glass partitioning styles.

06. Productivity

It can also help to promote solitary and thus facilitate the deep processing of ideas and information. Privacy glass can also help reduce distractions


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