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We offer cut to size glass services including broken glass repairs.

Broken Glass Repairs

[ Our expert has been repairing broken glass for over 40 years and we've been established for over 24 years. Skilled in the industrys most challenging manual glass cutting techniques you can be confident you're getting a premium service! ]

Residential & Commercial

Broken glass & mirror repair services for:

Shower Screens

We cut new glass to replace damaged and broken shower screen glass.

Glass Doors

Do you require replacement glass for a door? With such an extensive range of glass door styles on the market you probably have unique requirements and we can help with a custom solution!

Table Tops

Custom cut glass pieces for table tops are a popular choice to protect the natural table top surface and to make cleaning up easy!


Do you require replacement glass for a glass door? We offer cut to size mirrors based on your measurements. So give us a call if you require a new custom cut mirror or a replacement mirror.

Office Partitions

If you've experienced a glass breakage in the office give us a repair call today! We specialise in cut to size glass.

Shop Fronts

Has your shop security been compromised by a glass breakage? We make shop fronts and we can help repair them too!


Don't arrange to have the whole window replaced when you don't have to! We can help save you money by replacing unsightly or broken window glass for a fraction of the price! If the window frame is in tact we will cut a new piece of glass to replace the old glass inside the frame. However, if there is unrepairable damage to the window frame then we can replace the window.

Outdoor Patio Screens

Would you like more time spent outdoors uninterrupted by seasonal pests like Christmas beetles and rainy weather? If you're looking to enclose your patio while still maintaining a view of the outdoors then we can help! We can also help with the replacement of any broken patio glass.

& More

Our glass capabilities are broad, so if you don't see what you're after here then we'd love to hear from you to see how we can assist you with your specific requirements!

If there is glass or mirror in it then the chances are that we can help!

Broken Glass Repairs

Has a glass window shattered in your home?  Common causes of broken glass windows include exposure to severe weather storm conditions (such as hail damage) or damage from thrown objects (such as from kids playing).  An unrepaired window can pose a security risk, increase the incidence of an accident and may result in costly water damage from the outside elements.  Having broken glass repaired as soon as possible is important so contact us today to arrange for the repair of any broken glass windows or doors.

Glass Replacement Services

Are your windows fitted with tired or foggy glass?  Is your glass showing signs of wear from scratches and cracks?  Are you looking to replace your old glass with new flat glass?  We can help with replacement glass! It is important to get ontop of any frail glass that can be a potential hazard, so if you’ve noticed old or broken glass that needs replacing give us a call today!

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